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Topic-icon Stories about my Grandfather

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This is my Grandad, David Thomas Jones.
Born in 1923 and died in 2010. Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and a quiet hero of war.

While I knew my Grandad well, he never spoke about 'The War'. What I did learn from him though was to be inquisitive, the spirit of adventure and getting to know Bristol like the back of my hand through the miles (and miles) of walks we went on with him!
I've recently spent time researching (And continue to do so) on Grandad's part in the war (I'll get to Gran soon!) and what I have found has cemented my utmost respect for him for generations to come.

Grandad joined the RAF in September 1941 and was part of 297 Squadron Transport Command and held roles as a Wireless Operator and Air Gunner. Grandad and his crew played in integral part during Operation Overlord and D-Day. He was in one of the very first allied planes that left RAF Brize Norton and flew over Normandy that carried Paratroopers and pulled the Horsa Gliders carrying the British 6th Airborne. The 6th being the division that famously took Pegasus Bridge 6 hours or so before the allied forces hit the beaches. Had they failed, the Germans 21st Panzer Division would have had a direct route over the bridge, through Ranville and onward to the beaches where the Allies most definitely would have met even heavier losses and most likely defeat.
In September 1941 he and his crew flew alongside the US 101st Airborne (Whose Easy Company division was made famous in Band of Brothers) and took part in Operation Market Garden. He flew two missions back and forth from RAF Manston to drop Paratroopers over 2 consecutive days.

I will continue working through 297 Squadron's Operation Records to workout what else exactly Grandad did and indeed kept to himself!

I'm still in a bit of shock to learn more of what Grandad achieved and the part he played during the war effort. I have always had an affinity with World War 2 and especially from D-Day through to the end of the war, and feel even more invested now then ever before to learn as much as I can. I will be eternally grateful of the sacrifices many thousands made to allow us all to live the lives we lead today.

When I asked my eldest daughter (Who was 4 at the time) why do we wear poppies?
She says 'To remember the brave soldiers'.

We will remember them.

David Thomas Jones
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History discussions are at their best when the subject matter is close to you because you end up paying special attention to those forgotten details most would miss. Thanks for the post!
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